Physical Education

The Staff:
Ms A. Mayet Director of Learning: Humanities & Sport
Ms L Ruston – Teacher of PE
Ms H. Dadabhoy – Head of Year 7 & 8. Teacher of PE

All learners will have two Physical Education (PE) lessons a week.  Learners will study a variety of sports and technical theory to develop their ability and agility, as well as providing them with an opportunity to harness their natural talent and develop confidence.

Why is PE important?
Physical Education focuses upon the different ways of staying fit and healthy.  Learners engage in various indoor and outdoor activities throughout the year including team sports such as Netball, and individual sports like Archery.  Whilst undertaking these activities they learn, maintain and develop their skills through coordination, balance, agility, team work, leadership, coaching to name but a few.  Physical Education teaches learners the importance of physical health.  Secondary school and the onset of puberty brings about a volatile age, where especially young women misinterpret the meaning of healthy balanced diets and the term “overweight” leading to unhealthy lifestyle choices and prevailing eating disorders.  Physical health education informs learners on sound eating habits and the essential guidelines for nutrition, as well as importantly developing an innate sense of self confidence.  Learners will develop their ability to articulate themselves in physical and written form.  Excellence in the Physical Education field will allow learners to play a leading role in the Eden Girls’ Sports Leadership status.

The Curriculum:

  Autumn Term 1 Autumn Term 2 Spring  Term 1 Spring Term 2 Summer Term 1 Summer Term 2
Year 7 Netball Athletics Table Tennis / Rounders Ball Skills Football Table Tennis / Archery
Year 8 Netball Athletics Table Tennis/ Rounders Netball/ Circuit Football Table Tennis/ Archery

What will learners be required to do in class and at home?
Learners are expected to come fully equipped for lessons with a full Eden Girls’ PE kit.  Learners are expected to actively participate in lessons, through speaking, listening and practising.  In addition, learners will be given homework once a week to embed specific sporting techniques and to develop key skills and knowledge; encourage your daughter to practise these techniques at home.  We expect each homework to take about 30 minutes to complete to the best of their ability and ready to submit or put into effect on time on the due date.  Learners may use the internet and DVDs for research and practice.

 How will learners be assessed?
All learners will be assessed half-termly, either through a written or practical assessment, based on the sport being studied that half-term.  In June, they will have an End of Year exam, which will be both written and practical assessing them on all sports and theories studied that year.

How will learners progress at KS4?
In KS4, as part of our specialist Sports status, learners will be able to complete a GCSE in PE.

Useful resources:
BBC Bitesize – KS3:
BBC Schools – Secondary:
Channel 4 Learning – Secondary:

Who you should see if you have any questions:
In the first instance all subject specific queries should be referred to the PE teacher Ms Ruston; by either writing a note in your daughter’s planner or leaving a message at reception.  For more serious concerns, please refer your query to the Director of Learning for Humanities & Sport – Ms Mayet.

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